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Porch Plans with or without screening

NOTE: You can order porch plans in several dimensions from this page.

From the Decks USA Porch Plans Series.  144 SF Screened Porch with cathedral ceiling and open gable.


Porch Design 12x12 - Plan View

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Porch Design - 3-D Left View                   Porch Design - 3-D Right View

Porch Design - 3-D Front View

Porch Design - Left Elevation       Porch Design - Right Elevation

Porch Design - Front Elevation


shown: Porch Design 12x12
Roof Attachment

NOTE: You can order porch plans in several dimensions and with several options.

Example: 16x12 or 20x14 etc.

The First number is the length ACROSS along the house (parallel to house)

The Second number is the length OUT from the house (perpendicular to house)

You can have the porch roof attach to your home's roof or attach to a wall.

Porch Options Include: screened or not screened, railing or knee wall, open or closed gable, cathedral or flat ceiling, stair placement, standard lattice skirting, vertical solid board skirting, horizontal skirting or no skirting.

Accent your porch with Deck Accessories.  Benches, Planters, Buffets, Skirting, Privacy Fences, Gates or a Spa Support Structure.  These construction details are available individually or bound in a complete Deck Accessory Kit.  Receive a 63% Discount on a Complete Deck Accessory Kit with any porch plan purchase.  $15.00 Savings!

See our What You Receive section for details on complete deck and porch construction packages.

Porch Plan Construction Package INCLUDES:

1/4" = 1' Scale - Structure Porch Floor Plan Grid Print
1/4" = 1' Scale - Footing & Beam Layout Plan Grid Print
1/4" = 1' Scale - Rendered Porch Floor Plan Grid Print
1/4" = 1' Scale - Structure Roof Plan Grid Print
3-D Structural - Right, Left, Front & Back Views Print
3-D Rendered - Right, Left, Front & Back Views Print
Rendered - Right, Left & Front Elevation Views Print
Material Order Sheet & Material FAX Sheet
Piece by Piece Location Material Takeoff Sheet
38 + Standard Deck & Porch Construction Building Details Book

All Plans are Printed on Industry Standard Full Scale 11" x 17" Sheets.

How Many Sets of Porch Construction Plans do I Need?
This will depend upon a few circumstances.  If you are required to apply for a Zoning and/or Building Permits each office will need at least one set of plans.  If you are going to use a deck contractor they will need a set of prints.  If you are borrowing money to build your outdoor project many lending institutions ask for a set of prints to establish the value of the improvement.  Some communities have a subdivision review board which may want to retain a set.  Fortunately, because we include a thorough material list in each porch plan construction package your supplier will not need a set of plans.

Because you save money on multi set discount packages, you should consider ordering all of the Additional Identical Plans and/or Construction Detail Books you'll need at purchase time.  The cost per additional porch plan sets and construction detail books decreases with every quantity level.

Use the Checklist Below to Determine the Total Number of Porch Plan Sets and Construction Detail Books You'll Need for Your Outdoor Project.

NOTE:  Every Porch Plan Order Includes: one (1) Set of Complete Porch Plans and one (1) Complete Construction Detail Book, Material Takeoff, Order List, and a Stair Guide Kit.

  Contractor or Subcontractor
  Lender or Mortgage Source
  Zoning Department
  Building Department (sometimes requires 2 sets)
  Subdivision Committee

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On Sale Now With an Immediate $50.00 Savings!

PORCH PLANS any size    Order Porch Plans



Complete Porch Construction Package
Includes: 1 set Non-Reproducible Plans, Construction Details, Stair Guide Kit, Order List, and Material Takeoff
PPCP-4200 199.95




1-Set Additional Identical Plans PPCP-4200-1 7.00
2-Set Additional Identical Plans PPCP-4200-2 12.00
3-Set Additional Identical Plans PPCP-4200-3 15.00
4-Set Additional Identical Plans PPCP-4200-4 18.00
5-Set Additional Identical Plans PPCP-4200-5 20.00
6-Set Additional Identical Plans PPCP-4200-6 21.00
Deck Accessory Kit  - SAVE $15.00   (with any porch plan purchase) DAK-4200 9.00
Porch Plan Modification PPM-4200 FREE
Toll Free Telephone Technical Support TTS-4200 50.00

Shipping and Handling                              Back to Top of Page

Shipping and Handling DAYS Price
First Class Allow 7-14 days delivery 7.00
Priority Mail Allow 2-4 days delivery 8.00
FedEx Express Saver Allow 1-3 Business Days 15.00
FedEx 2- Day Second Business Day 21.00
FedEx Standard Overnight Next Business Afternoon 26.00
FedEx Priority Overnight Next Business Morning 29.00

NOTE:  all Stock Porch Plan orders are are normally processed, drawn and drafted, printed, packaged and shipped from our complex within three (3) to seven (7) business days after we receive them.  Please allow three (3) to seven (7) business days, plus the number of days listed on your shipping option, for delivery.
Please read our shipping and handling options for more details, including holiday notes.

NOTE:  Add $20.00 if your porch project includes Screening
NOTE:  Add $25.00 if your porch project includes a Spa Support Area

Modify this Porch Plan for no additional charge
For quality control and to ensure your satisfaction, you will receive by FAX or review online, your rendered preliminary drawings in Floor Plan, 3-D, and Elevation Views for your review and approval of the changes usually within 2-7 days after you place your order.
  We offer an Online Viewing and Printing option if a FAX machine is unavailable to you.  Please check the REVIEW PORCH DRAWINGS ONLINE Option when ordering.

And, if time is of the essence, a RUSH SERVICE is available.  Please check the RUSH SERVICE Option when ordering.

Click Here for More Information on Porch Plan Modification
or Call Toll Free 1-877-433-2578

Ordering Instructions: 

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NOTE:  Decks USA carries and adheres to a very strict Privacy Policy.

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Alternate Ordering Methods:

Please include:
Order #
your Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code
Daytime Telephone with area code, FAX Number with area code
E-mail Address if applicable
Total Price (including shipping and handling)
Credit Card Information
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Credit Card Type (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover)
Credit Card Number and Expiration Date (Month and Year)

TELEPHONE your order with Credit Card Information
Toll Free
- dial 1-877-433-2578

FAX your order with Credit Card Information to CompanyFAX

SEND  Check, Money Order or Credit Card Information To:

Decks USA
Porch Plans Department
7994 Glenwood Avenue
Youngstown, OH  44512-5827


This is just a quick note to thank you for the great Screen Porch plans you sold me. I was planning to design my own plans but when I saw yours on the internet I decided that they looked like exactly what I wanted, and they were!

My brother-in-law (who is a professional carpenter) and I built the porch (on an existing deck) to 90% completion in a week. He commented frequently on how user friendly the plans were, and I enjoyed just handing the material list to the Home Depot and picking up the entire set of materials a few hours later.

Since then I have tinkered on the porch (painting, doors, etc.) to get it to 95% complete - so I am sending you some pictures of it in this state so you can see the final product - which looks awesome for a DIY project (my wife cannot believe that a desk jockey like me could do this)!

Thanks again,

Myran Faust
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

The plans look fantastic!  Again, thanks for all your help with my project. You guys have been great.

Darrell Greer
Corbin , KY

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